I do not want to introduce this body of art work as a personal reflection on what I believe or how I perceive the world. To try and render some insight or retrospect in an attempt to influence you to interpret my art as some grand philosophy or conclusion would be bogus - because the truth is that I do not have any of it figured out. I don't have a grand doctrine of wisdom to instill upon you through my art works or words.. I don't have an immediate answer for the ways this bizarre life can pull us this way and that. How even the certainties in our lives can suddenly become ambiguous while the fringes of our influence can push us in new and unfamiliar directions. I can't explain the ebb and flow other than to say that we must continue to traverse the landscape and proceed further on in to the abyss. This is where we come from and this is where we are going. Where we are all first found and where we all must eventually be lost again.

Also - don't listen to me.. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

-Mathias Valdez


Lastleaf Printing was founded in Pueblo, Colorado by Mathias Valdez in 2009.